final artwork illustrations adaptions litograph color

Adaptions: conversion of varying repetitions!

formats + content + languages

c&a clothes packing endless variations

Adaptions are my main occupation!

The propably simplest form of an adaption in pre-press
is adapting layouts to various sizes and formats as it is needed when
advertizing your product in different size magazines and newspapers.

sueddeutsche newspaper & siemens phone ads-adaptions

Content adaptions are the daily bussines with the final artwork of packagings.
Usually varying content is offered in one uniform packaging size.
From sweets-, food-, cleaners-, cigar- or clothes-packagings to what You can imagine.

A catalogue consists of numerous adapted pages as well.
1997 and 1998 i have set in London for the Springer&Jacoby sister e-fact ltd.
the T-Versand catalogue of the Deutsche Telekom (200/220 pages).

Deutsch Telekom uutumn/spring 97/98 spring/summer 98

I always adapt from my new master-file - even if you supply files for each layout.
This is the only way to exclude mistakes and to get really consistent results

Language adaptions are one of the few advantages of globalization to me.

It can be quite surprizing how long or short lines and paragraphs of text can get
in different languages allthough they are supposed to express the same information.

adaptions DW-RADIO program- and frequency-flyers

A uniform optical impression with various contents was the task with the
adaptions of the program- and frequency-flyers for the Deutsche Welle DW-RADIO.
I adapted 14 different languages and contents to one style for the factor design ag Hamburg - San Francisco.

adaptions DW-RADIO program- and frequency-flyers

Next to types and paths I work with pixels as well.



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