final artwork illustrations adaptions litograph color

Litograph & color: for natural or better colors!

color-corrections + creative-corrections + composing

the shore and the sea
artist himself  : )
artist himself : )

If the colors shall look like the real product or even better -
or if the whole picture only shall look a bit more friendly -
it is always necessary that the demand of the customer
and the technical specifications of the printed media
are taken into account before considering what to do.

portugese tiles - azulejos
        portugiesische kacheln
portugese tiles

Through proofs and finetunig of pixels
we get a perfect result for the required application.

        the wave ; )

Allready a photography can not show colors as found in real nature -
one of my most favourite jobs in the last millenium : ) was
final artwork for the bathing-collection of Triumph underwear.

After they had supplied all slides without any covers
and mixed into two plastic bags - organizers, scanner-operators
and litographers allready had given their best...

...we still had to tune the backround and the skin-tones of every picture
as well all colors of the bathing- and swim-suites had to be adapted
to the appearance of real samples layed out in front of us.

I did learn a lot about color-composing and litography with that Triumph job : )

fire - CD cover inlay

Of course I also can see that your print-productions go right
and I am interested in learning more about youre demand:

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